gaming backgroundI am just like you.  I’m a gamer and the passion runs deep.  I currently play both new and retro gaming titles.  I also am no stranger to competitive gaming, as I have competed in Madden tournaments since 2003.


Recently, my interests have shifted away from Madden and I am currently spending my time playing a ton of Mortal Kombat X.

Outside of my gaming life, I am a high school health and physical education teacher, a coach,  and I run the fitness based website called  To say I am a jack of all trades would probably be accurate. Why limit yourself right?

What Can I Do for You?

Besides answering all of your fitness questions, I can help you spice up your gaming videos and broadcasts though my skills in graphic design.

I noticed that so many gamers have what I like to call “naked videos.” This means the video simply fills up the entire screen or worse has black bars on the sides of the video.

It’s ugly and I feel no one should game naked!

Not only is using a sexy background visually pleasing, it also brings a sense of legitimacy to what you do.  It makes you look much more professional.  This leads to more engagement, more followers and more overall satisfaction for your viewers.

On this site you will find completely FREE video game backgrounds that you are free to use.

All I ask is that you publish a credit linking back to this website in the description of your YouTube video or somewhere below your Twitch broadcast.

To make it simple for you, below each design you will find credits that have already been completed.  All you will have to do is copy and paste the text.  

That’s it!

If the free overlays are not tickling your fancy, I also have premium designs in the Shop. You will find everything from overlays to Twitch panels and YouTube subscribe buttons there.

If you have a custom request you can seek out details on the Custom Designs Request page.

Thanks and keep gaming strong!

– Justin a.k.a Big J Gleez