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***** Sorry, I am not taking custom design requests at this time.
Please check out my free and personalized designs in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The general themes, overlays and backgrounds may not be cutting it for you.

You may want your social media links displayed, specific buttons, or an entirely new and specific theme for a certain event, video or broadcast.

Whatever it is… I got you!

Designs for Video

There are two basic types of designs.

Separate Game Window Style

This style displays a separate game window and has graphics around that image. It may also contain an area for chat, webcam and social media information. An example is below…

gaming background

Overlay (Top, Bottom, or Double)

The other type is an overlay that displays on the top, bottom or both of these areas. This type of design is displayed right over the full game footage. You can include a webcam frame and social media information with this type of layout as well. You can see an example of one that I completed for OP IChunk below.


For a quote, just send me a detailed email:

What Other Graphics Do I Offer?

BRB Pages for Your Stream
Twitch Panels (Profile Icons) and Buttons (I can even do your entire Twitch profile if you want!)

I can even create banners for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and websites…

Like this one…

header 1


And this one…

madden network3

and this one too…

banner YT

Again, I can be reached at

Basically anything in graphic design I can complete for you.


As stated earlier, it is difficult to give generic pricing as each project is so different.

For most original backgrounds (including social media links, webcam frame and website information) the price usually ranges from $15-$35, depending on the specifics of the design.

The price is dictated by breaking down each project and figuring out how much time I will have to spend on it.  That is how I estimate the cost.  So the more elaborate and time consuming the design, the more it will cost.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to email me the details of your design. I can be reached at


All payment is secured through PayPal. You will receive proofs of the finalized design with watermarks. If it meets your approval, you will then send payment. Once payment is received I will remove the watermarks and you will receive the final product.


I stand by all my work and allow for TWO MINOR alterations to the projects within the first two weeks of completion. Minor alterations include, but aren’t limited to sizing issues, changing of social media information, placement of certain links, website names, or windows, ect.

Minor alterations are not entirely new projects.  If you want to completely change the design you will have to pay for another background.

Again, reach out to me at and we can work something out.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh yeah…. If you want to see more examples of my work, check out the Gallery.


Justin A.K.A Big J Gleez